Group Customers & Market Served

TRIPLUS is committed to provide a One Stop Center to potential MNCs customers and flexible enough to provide satisfactory
accomplishments that are demanded by customers from more than 20 countries.


  • Electronics Industry (Example: Gadget)
  • External Hard Disk / Portable Hard Disk
  • Music Instrument
  • Multifunction Printer
  • Home Appliances (Example: Coffee Maker, DVC player, TV Frame, Microwave Owen … )
  • Automotive Industry (Example: Airbag Cover, Airbag Casing, player front panel ...)
  • Fastener Equipment
  • Food & Drink Serving Products (Example: Plate, Cup, Utensils & etc)
  • Medical Equipment’s Parts (Example: adjustable beds in hospital or adjustable tables)


Our customers are from: